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Who are you… beyond your stress, grief and imprints gathered by living?

Do you long to ~
• Rediscover your essential Self?
• Grieve well, with support at your back?
• Feel more relaxed with less stress in your body?
• Radically improve your communication and relationships?


Feel supported through
your grief, whatever the cause,
and when you’re ready, start
to use this dark window of
opportunity to piece yourself
together again in a resilient
new formation.

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Create radical improvement in
your relationships with yourself,
others and life, increase peace
in your home and prevent your
children from copying
dysfunctional communication
patterns and ways of being.

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Trauma Release

Learn a simple, lifelong
stress/trauma release tool
which, through tremoring,
allows your innate body~
intelligence to release stuck
imprints and reach parts that
talking cannot reach.

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I am Carmella B’Hahn.

Welcome to my website.

Carmella, I feel you have a gift for bringing forward buried emotions and hidden aspects of the self simply by your presence, giving a glow of life to something forgotten or which has stagnated, and I experience that as a form of alchemy.

L. R. (Devon, UK)

I live on the other side of the Atlantic to Carmella but when my mother died, it was a godsend to know that she was there with her care and wise words. She kept me sane through a horribly traumatic time.

J. P. (New York, USA)

Carmella has been supporting me weekly for many months as I’ve lived my way through the powerful Heart of Relating book course. It has been fun and totally transformative for my relationships with everybody, especially myself!

S. M. (Devon, UK)

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