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“Reading Benjaya’s Gifts was like listening to Mozart! It mysteriously develops into something extraordinarily ~ beautifully written and practical to the nth degree.
A remarkable book.”

Francis Kinsman (Resurgence Magazine)

Come with me into the heart ❤ of my family to share the legacy of one small boy ~ my firstborn son, Benjaya. Our story is raw, intimate and true and, although deeply personal, it feels as if it belongs in the public domain. It will possibly touch you to the core and hopefully will enrich your perceptions of birth and death forever.

Benjaya B’Hahn was born in a blaze of publicity in 1986. The moving photograph of his birth in water ~ one of the first water births in England ~ encircled the world and ignited desire in countless couples to birth their babies in a more empowering way. Five years later, Benjaya slipped into a river while playing and drowned, exiting this life as he had entered ~ through water. This time it was the poignancy of his water death that attracted the media.

Benjaya’s Gifts is the extraordinary story behind the dramatic headlines, woven by myself and my mother, Mhaletta, who shares my passion for unravelling the mysteries and meaning of life, especially in relation to the transitions of birth and death. Our aim was to leave readers with an expanded awareness of: the nature of reality; the strange magic of synchronicity; and the phenomenal power of the human spirit. It is a story that, at times, is beyond belief.

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Benjaya B’Hahn ~ Rainbow Warrior


Let the readers speak!

The story of Benjaya is as important as Egyptian and Greek myths. Society in general hasn’t allowed itself to feel pain, and fears the pain that is our blessing. I do not feel that around Benjaya’s death which is why I’m calling it a living myth.

Alice Friend (Spain)

I cannot remember ever feeling so moved by written pages and I felt for many days that I was living inside your experience. I have shared it with many people.

Ulli Hanson (Australia)

What a dramatic, moving effect Benjaya’s Gifts had on me. My faith and beliefs have been reinstated. Carmella, you and your family show us how to truly feel and grieve and heal.

Maggi N. (UK)

Benjaya’s Gifts reached to the core of me ~ such a feast of feelings recognised, expressed and dealt with in loving awareness. It left me on a high for days and keen for a second reading.

Tom Pilling (UK)

A Review

Benjaya’s Gifts vividly and movingly describes his birth and death from the viewpoint of numerous people who were connected with him. The book expresses their understanding of the processes of life and its eternal nature. Benjaya’s family are deeply committed to their spiritual paths but you don’t need to share their particular beliefs to find wisdom and insight in this story. Much of what they say is common to many religious and mystical traditions. Even the most thorough-going materialist, reading this book with an open mind, might reflect usefully on the inadequate way our society generally handles both birth and death. Benjaya’s gifts inspires us to deal with them more sensitively.

Bob Mann (Totnes Times)

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