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“This is THE manual for the nuts and bolts of healthy relating, which should be handed out at birth! I want to see it in every school, church, government, social services department and community of every kind!”

Sally Eaves (Retired School Teacher, UK)

Heart of Relating is an easy-to-use handbook containing a cutting-edge course in the art of relating from the heart of who we are, and offers growth experiences based on this premise:

“If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.”

Eckhart Tolle

Do you want to bring more ease into your relationships ~ with yourself, others and life?

Heart of Relating offers a structure of support so that, with minimal time investment, you will steadily, week by week, build a new repertoire of relating skills for life. It helps you to spot how ego can create entanglements in relationships and shows you how to relate and communicate from your centre to avoid this happening.

You can approach it as a structured course or dip and dive and play with the teachings that grab you. Singles, couples, families and groups can use it to support each other; therapists to support clients; and teachers to assist students. Sharing the week’s topic at home or work can kick-start lively conversations that might start changing sticky dynamics.

The 52 sections (one per week) include powerful stories, quotes, wisdoms and practice pages for applying practical skills to daily living. These transformative practices include journal work.

Heart of Relating invites you to be part of the global revolution in relating. It clearly depicts the predominant “outside-in” and the emerging “inside-out” paradigms of relating and helps you to recognise where you stand now and where you want to be.

A FREE Taste of Heart of Relating

Including: the book’s contents; the Introduction; a useful model of the Inside-out and Outside-in Paradigms of Relating and the whole first week’s teachings. (20 pages)

A Few Reviews

This is truly a ‘Course in Miracles’ for relationships.
Malcolm Stern (Co-founder of ‘Alternatives’, Psychotherapist and Author)

Let’s lobby to put this book on the school curriculum.
Carole Anne Rice (The Daily Express)

Remarkable… packed with insights.
David Lorimer (Scientific & Medical Network)

Heart of Relating is a very useful and important work. It gives you, in a concise way, deep insight into how to know yourself and how then to communicate from your essential self to the essential self of others. We are at an epochal time of change in which humanity needs conscious communication skills to be taught and learned as the heart of a secular ethic that empowers all people. This book will give you a jump-start in being a leader in fostering this necessary transformation.
Richard Moss MD (Author of Inside-Out Healing andThe Mandala of Being)

Heart of Relating is a beautiful blend of deep wisdom and useful strategies for cultivating authentic relationships, most importantly with ourselves first. I am excited by the thought of staff reading the book at the same time and going through the weeks’ practices together. I believe it will serve to bring any group of people closer in their relationships to themselves and each other and give them all a common language from which to work.
Linda Lantieri (Director, The Inner Resilience Program, New York)


Let the readers speak!

Heart of Relating ~ The Impact on Readers

Heart of Relating ~ Ways of absorbing the teachings

My heart was firmly closed to relationships when I started to use Heart of Relating to explore my inner world. After only a few weeks, I literally felt my heart opening again and an important, loving relationship fell into this space.

Elena Brandwood (Occupational Therapist)

What a passionate offering to the world. You have come up with useful, clear ways of articulating what is fundamentally and deeply true and I am sure that your work will be a resource for facilitators to enhance all kinds of self-enquiry workshops.

Joanna Watters (Teacher of 'This Beautiful Work: supporting a radical acceptance of present moment reality')

On "Ego Watch Week" I made an Egometer for my car and it has transformed my driving! The Egometer showed me how often I was accelerating just to feel better than others. Now I have a smaller car and my Egometer's indicator stays mainly central ~ meaning that I am calm and nonreactive.

Ian Fenwick (Retired Trainer)

Heart of Relating really helped me discern the multiple components that make up exceptional relating.

Jonathan Shaw (Retired G.P.)

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