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“Profound ~ so multi-faceted and well written. A real gift that will resound and resound. It is perfectly inspiring and not depressing at all. Moving through this ‘crucible’ you are changed. Thank you from the bottom of my soul for sharing this.”

Laura Parker Roerdon (A reader USA)

Mourning Has Broken
is for you if you are interested in the answer to this question:

How can I, and others facing great hardship, use this opportunity to wake up from automatic pilot and stand strong and resilient in the face of further challenge?

This was the burning question I held after my young son, Benjaya, had drowned. My quest to discover how to use grief to wake up lasted many years and the wisdom I gathered is distilled in this book and offered as a blueprint for healing, no matter what the challenge.

In my writing, I sought to raise readers’ spirits and to feed the hunger for greater meaning and purpose that so many of us yearn for in life ~ especially during tough times.

I interviewed extraordinary people from many nationalities and walks of life who have broken through rather than broken down after facing trauma or adversity. I learned their stories and discovered their practical keys to healing through diverse challenges such as facing: cancer; AIDS; the death of a child; an horrific car crash; divorce from a soulmate; house fire; suicide; the deadly 9/11 attacks; holocaust “legacies”.

To highlight three of the diverse interviews featured: In Memphis, Tennessee, I quizzed Mahatma Gandhi‘s grandson, Arun, about how he came through the shock and anger after his grandfather’s assassination; in a Washington DC hotel I sat (on the edge of my seat) with a man called Arn, who was a child of war in Cambodia, fighting to survive in the jungle with only monkeys for company; and in a country cottage in England, I listened to an ex-monk, Mark, speaking of the challenges of mending the sex/spirit split!

A Few Reviews

Mourning Has Broken is inspiring, wise, and practical ~ a handbook for healing a broken heart from any cause. Real intelligence about emotions.
Daniel Goleman (author of Emotional Intelligence)

This book ignites the readers’ courage to face and move through adversity and affliction, with dignity, grace, depth of faith & increased character.
Angeles Arrien (author of The Four-Fold Way)

An intelligent, profound and deeply touching read. I think this book has a great deal to contribute, not only to people who are immersed in adverse life situations, but also to help professionals with supporting others.
Spirituality and Health International Magazine

Mourning Has Broken is of particular appeal to me since I am certified in Death and Grief Studies. I especially liked that Carmella included such different stories about loss, not just bereavement. Other losses people endure may elicit as much, if not more, pain. This broad framework of loss is commonly overlooked when addressing grief.
Reclaiming Children and Youth Magazine


Let the readers speak!

Mourning has Broken has touched me so much. I am a 44-year-old woman who has had a share in suffering in one way or another and while reading your book there was a profound “YES” ~ a leaping forward. The honesty in it is so valuable. So, a BIG THANK YOU!!!!

Sue Matthews (UK)

The stories are wonderfully told. I have marked several of them and hope to be able to use them in my workshops and perhaps in my new book. I will urge people to get your book.

J.H.G. (USA)

It is utterly beautiful. What you have to say is always haunting but the way you say it is so evocative and poetic.

Morna Martell (Spain)

My 5-year-old daughter and I were standing four blocks away in her schoolyard when it happened [9/11 atrocities]. Reading your book has aided my healing process in a profound way... Thanks for the inspiration.

Lynn Fischer (USA)

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