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Explore the Heartful Relationships Course & Coaching


Course One

The Heartful Relationships Course radically improves your relationships with yourself, others and life.

It brings more heart into your “nest” and prevents youngsters in your orbit from copying dysfunctional dynamics.

What you will receive

• A toolbox of valuable relating skills to enrich your life.
• The ability to communicate from your strongest self ~ beyond ego.
• An opportunity to learn and improve together with your partner or friend
• A profound step-by-step guide to improving tricky communication dynamics.
• Ways to remember your identity, your true essence, in the pulls of daily living.

This engaging, easy-to-use course (that comes straight to you by email after purchase), will serve you well if you long to improve the mood and communication dynamics in your home, family or workplace so that conditioned behaviour and ego no longer run the show. It will assist you to be the best you can be in all your relationships (including yourself), which will positively affect any children in your world.

Lasting learning comes primarily from example ~ children absorb what is role modelled and down the generations it goes. Our own parents’ and care givers’ ways and words spill out of us inadvertently, be they helpful or hindering, and it requires support and skill to know how to change these deep-seated patterns.

The practices and powerful stories in this course help to untangle stuck places, navigate conflict, stop game-playing, change unreal “niceness” and kick-start lively conversations, but primarily they assist you to “come home” to yourself and relate from a more balanced and confident state. Partners, friends or family members can do the course together if desired; the more sharing the merrier and the more of a common language you create.

Communication skills are the bedrock of successful relationships

There is a Trilogy of courses but this first one ~ “The Foundations” stands alone and is the foundation upon which the other two are crafted. The teachings are grouped into four modules spread over 16 weeks. Each week you will focus on one fundamental learning/practice, making it easy to integrate into daily life without using too much valuable time or becoming overwhelmed. Change will then build solidly as you absorb each week’s new skill and insights.

A FREE taste of Heartful Relationships
Including: course contents, the New Paradigms of Relating model and the whole first week’s teachings. (12 pages)

Why I created this course

I didn’t speak until I was six but I was very busy people-watching. As a child, I observed many interactions with distress and confusion. Why was there such a mismatch between adults’ obvious feelings and their words? The seed for this course was germinating way back then and a life-long quest unfolded around how to relate well with myself, others and the world.

Even fundamental communication skills were not taught in school, and so, over time, I studied with experts and collected folders of wisdom on the subject, hoping that one day walking my talk would also enhance the lives of my children-to-be. It did.

Shockingly, my first son, drowned in a local river, aged five. Despite the unthinkable loss, I was comforted by knowing that I had listened deeply to him during his short life and done my best to role model healthy ways of relating. When he died, I experienced how few were able to relate to me authentically in my grief, and my sensitivity increased to the harmful way many “grownups” speak to children as a matter of course. And so, I began writing educational articles and leading workshops to help adults ~ parents or otherwise ~ to communicate more consciously, with heart.

In 2015, the very best nougats of my learning were published in a handbook ~ Heart of Relating: Communication Beyond Ego  The Heartful Relationships Course arose in response to numerous requests to provide an online “package” that can be sent globally with ease (without using paper or postage). It is inspired by the book content but not exactly the same.

Course One is on offer by email now and will be with you as soon as I receive your booking.

Parts Two and Three of the TRILOGY will be available soon.

In 1993, I was blessed with a second son, Asher, who uses these teachings in his ‘Self in Centre’ coaching business today!

Special Introductory Cost

A FREE taste of Heartful Relationships
Including: course contents, the New Paradigms of Relating model and the whole first week’s teachings. (12 pages)

BUY COURSE 1 NOW – Introductory Cost £16.99



Heartful Relationships Coaching supports the release of dysfunctional patterns that prevent flow and freedom in relationships.

This coaching, with me (Carmella), is to keep you on track and to help deepen your understanding of what is arising in you as you engage with the weekly lessons in the online course or book, so you will need to have purchased the Heartful Relationships Course  or Heart of Relating book.

(If reading is not your thing and you want verbal support alone for your relating challenges, email me.)

We can also explore, and hopefully release, unconscious and conditioned patterns in your ways of relating that are sabotaging you in any way.

My support is available weekly or at other intervals to suit your needs, either on Zoom or in person. I work with individuals; rarely couples together.

Conscious Communication is the bedrock of great relationships, and relationships are a crucible for self-awareness and heartful living.

I will listen to what you feel you need and help you to relate as much as possible from your essential core ~ beyond ego and persona ~ from where communication flows more easily.

You will be encouraged to take responsibility for your part in any challenging dynamic rather than simply blaming anyone or anything outside of yourself.

Before Booking

Take a look at the Heartful Relationships Course taster pages, especially the “Paradigms of Relating” model (page 7) showing the outside-in and inside-out paradigms so that you can comprehend where I coming from in my work. I am keen to connect with those of you who aspire to relate from the “Inside-out paradigm”.

A FREE taste of Heartful Relationships
Including: course contents, the New Paradigms of Relating model and the whole first week’s teachings. (12 pages)

BUY COURSE 1 NOW – Introductory Cost £16.99

Costs, Timing and Booking

Sessions are either 1 hour or 1.5 hours. Payment is by sliding scale according to your means. You are asked to tune in to what you can honestly afford. The more generous you are able to be, the more this supports those who have less resources.

Sliding scale cost range for sessions:
£45 ~ £75 (1 hour)
£55 ~ £85 (1.5 hours)
Payment is by bank transfer (before meeting or the same day when it is still in your mind) or by cash at the end of each session.

NB. If paying by transfer, please create a strategy to remember.

My preferred way to take bookings is by email:, LIVE LINK but I am happy to arrange to have a short Zoom conversation before booking if you think this might help you. I don’t work Thursday mornings, weekends or evenings, unless essential.

Cancellations/No shows
Please value my time and let me know as far in advance as possible if you really need to change your appointment. If you don’t turn up or let me know at the last minute, you will be asked to pay the full agreed amount, so please put the date in your diary/calendar ASAP.

I was in a frozen dilemma in my relationship with my sister when I found Carmella. Our conversations were nothing short of transformative. In a gentle, honest way she presented me with observations, suggestions, challenges and a way forward.

C.T. (Worcester, UK)

Carmella has made a massive difference to my relationships and how I view myself. Practical suggestions changed day-to-day habits within personal and work relationships. Doors have opened within my heart, mind and life.

P. H. (Birmingham, UK)

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